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01 January 2015 @ 02:03 pm
masterlist of Drabbles, Fanmixes, and Fanfic  
Well I've succumbed to the pressure. I've needed to do this for a long time. If you aren't my friend on LJ all you can see is fic, fanmixes, and drabbles. MAYBE the occasional post. But that's about to be fixed. My personal life is my personal life and I don't want people up in it that don't need to be there. If you want to get to know me by all means comment on my friends only post. I'll add you back. But this is for fic.

I am making a community for all my fic. It's nowhere near ready to be opened. When it is I'll be linking you to it, but for the most part I just like to post on here. :)

And click the cut for the masterlist.

Gossip Girl
Everytime I Talk I Tell You I Love You, Chuck/Blair
Hear Me Out EP, Nate/Vanessa

Progressing, Nate/Vanessa, PG

Girls Like Her, Vanessa, G
Not A Chance, Dan, G
Only Fitting, Blair, G
Chuck Doesn't, Chuck, G
No Matter How Hard It Gets Jenny, G
Stupid Mistletoe, Blair, G
Wonderful and Amusiing, Chuck, G
What Nate Knows 1/3, Nate/Vanessa/Jenny, G
What Vanessa Wants 2/3, Nate/Vanessa/Jenny, G
What Jenny Deserves 3/3, Nate/Vanessa/Jenny, G
Better At the Breaking, Nate/Vanessa, G

Harry Potter
In A Million Little Pieces, Draco/Hermione
Like Sand Through the Fist That I Made, Draco/Hermione

Mixed Signals, Albus Severus/Scorpius, PG-13
Easier, Draco/Hermione, PG
And You're Looking At Me, Draco/Hermione, G
Playing For Keeps, Draco/Hermione, PG-13
The Cat and The Squirrel Harry/Pansy, PG-13

A Year In Flowers, James/Scorpius, PG-13-Coming Soon

One Tree Hill
Broken Little Pretty Girl, Brooke Davis

I Can't Be Your Friend, Lucas/Peyton, R- Coming Soon
You Got Me Through It, Lucas/Brooke, PG-13-Coming Soon

She Is, Sam/Freddie, R
Broken Hearts and Hand Grenades, Sam/Freddie, PG-13
What You Come Home To, Sam/Freddie, R- Coming Soon

You Can't Always Get What You Want EP, Jacob Black

I Just Can't Suck It Up, Kurt/Puck, PG-13-Coming Soon
It's Gonna Be Great, Tina/Finn, R-Coming Soon
Tempting the Rumor Mill, Blaine/Puck, R-Coming Soon
Sing Me a Melody, Puck/Rachel, PG-Coming Soon
Let Me Be Your Saving Grace, Puck/Blaine, R- Coming Soon

The Vampire Diaries
Just Let Me Go EP, Jeremy/Tyler
Sink Into Your Eyes, Jeremy/Tyler

The Sins of the Mother, Tyler/Caroline/Matt, PG-13
And Love Said No, Bonnie/Jeremy, PG
What His Mother Said, Tyler/Jeremy(my very first actually), PG
Adventures in Ownership of the Television Remote, Elena/Jeremy(sibling relationship preseries), G
A Step Away, Matt/Elena, G
Between Supposed to Be and What's Real, Bonnie Bennett, PG13
Losing Everything I Had, Caroline Forbes, PG
It's All In Your Head, Vicki Donovan, PG-13
No Shot At Second Chances, Tyler/Caroline, PG-13
Unbreakable Promise, Damon/Elena, PG
You Were Always My Second Choice, Damon/Caroline, R
Burning Up, Tyler/Caroline, R
Interludes, Stefan/Elena(Pre S2 Finale), PG
Broken Little Pretty Girl, Caroline Forbes, PG

You Make My Heart Bleed, Tyler/Jeremy, R
Young Love Murdered, Tyler/Jeremy, R- Coming Soon
There's Always Tomorrow, Tyler/Jeremy, R- Coming Soon
It Brings Me Back to You, Damon/Caroline, R- Coming Soon
Chasing Down Demons, Damon/Caroline, R- Coming Soon
Remember Me This Way, Bleed!verse Ensemble, PG-13- Coming Soon
They Will Be Surprised, Jenna, PG-13- Coming Soon
Between Werewolves and Dead Girls, Matt, PG-13- Coming Soon
One Day I Will, Bonnie, PG-13- Coming Soon
I Won't Let You Let Go, Bonnie/Matt, R- Coming Soon

I Just Want You To Smile, Caroline/Stefan, R- Coming Soon
Be Your Love, Tyler/Jeremy, R- Coming Soon
Dirtbags, Mason/Stefan, R- Coming Soon
My Favorite Leather Jacket, Mason/Stefan, R- Coming Soon
Time Crawls, Tyler/Caroline, R- Coming Soon
Dying For Dreaming, Tyler/Elena, R- Coming Soon

The OC
When the Pieces Don't Fit, Ryan/Summer, PG-13
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