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01 January 2015 @ 07:57 pm
Rebecca and Chase's Lists, Quotes, and Jokes  
These are the lists of chaseee123 and thebigdisaster.

These are the results of skype conversations, im'ing, and texting. Please be warned that what you are about to see may be illegal in twenty of the fifty states that we live in and may be offensive to some people.

List #1 Top Five Reasons It's Better to Be a Boy
1. You don't have to sit to pee
Chase says This works really well when you're in the wilderness or you have to pee in really questionably bathrooms.
Rebecca says Agreed.
2. You don't have to wear heels.
Rebecca says: My philosophy on heels is if they don't hurt, then they're not high enough and you're not wearing them right. My favorite pair are four inches high!</b>
Chase says: I'm so glad I'm not you Rebecca.
3. It doesn't take as long to get ready in the morning.
Chase says: Sometimes this is true, but sometimes this is a lie.
Rebecca says: It takes me over a hour to get ready! But soooooommmmmeeeee people take longer!
4.Can't Remember Reason ( will add tonight during Skype convo)
5.Can't Remember Reason (" ")

List #2 Top Five Reasons It's Better to Be a Girl
1. Better clothes.
Rebecca says: Totally agree with this one. We have such a wider variety of options.
Chase says: You guys have better choices. We basically have hoodies and jeans and shirts. That's it.
2. Girls can wear makeup.
Chase says: I still wear makeup, fuck that!
Rebecca says: And he rocks it like a motherfucker!

Rebecca:Oh! I'm sorry I totally just gave you a boobshot.
Chase:It didn't bother me.
Rebecca:I mean it's not like you're interested in them.
Chase:Actually I find them quite fascinating.


Random person: Come here baby it's going to be okay.
Chase: GET OFF ME!! I just met you two hours ago.

Chase: I don't complain about my friends to my other friends...usually.
Rebecca: *laughs*

Chase to his friend: Thank you for your opinion Sherlock, but you're no relationship expert considering you've had what? NONE!?

Chase on his boyfriend: He's also the opposite of me because he has to sleep.

Rebecca: I have assholes for friends.
Chase: I know the feeling.
Rebecca: You're too nice to have assholes for friends.
Chase: They make you stronger.

Rebecca: You really did say that about heels though.
Chase: I hate shoes that make me taller I only wear flats...that's why I'm always so short lookin.'

Rebecca: You know I love you for making me feel all wanted around and stuff. I felt so fucking worthless when I got off the phone with her.
Chase:Don't let dat bitch make you feel like dat!

Chase:Sometimes I get Rihanna on your ass!

Chase:I got two paychecks this week. It was my Christmas bonus, all of fourteen dollars! I can buy myself a SOCK!

Rebecca:I SHOULD wear red to this thing, but then I couldn't wear my shoes!
Chase:You are supposed to start with the base and then pick the shoes.
Rebecca:Why can't I start with my shoes and THEN pick my outfit?
Chase:You do everything backwards!
Rebecca:My lipgloss be poppin.'
Chase:There is something wrong with you!

Rebecca:You would do that to Sad Poodle?
Chase:I would leave Sad Poodle to BURN. Sad BURNT Poodle. *laughs*

Rebecca:Go look at....I'll link you.
Chase: Good you know I be lazy.
Rebecca: And you know I be crazy. It works.
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